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Hacolor Pigment Preparation

-Advantages for the User



Hacolor Product Advantages:

Due to the special manufacturing process of Hacolor Pigment Preparations an optimized distribution of the pigment (coloring body), in close connection with the surface substrate, is achieved.  This provides the following advantages:

  • Intensified gloss
  • Increased tinting strength
  • Increased richness in the shade
  • Purer shades
  • Little or no sedimentation of the pigments in the lacquer solution in case of long storage periods
  • High transparency with certain types
  • Strongly reduced flocculation    tendency with difficult pigments
  • Standard paste production with simple stirring
  • The pigments are dispersed to the final intensity color

Hacolor Production Advantages:

  • Reduction in production time
  • Increase of quality
  • Increase of production output
  • Immediate production of small quantities
  • Smaller lead times to meet customers' expectations
  • No unhealthy emmissions
  • Possibility of combination with acrylics, urea respectively melamine resin systems, PVC copolymerides, short and medium oily alkyd resin systems, polyamide systems
  • When using high concentrated Hacolor  Pigment Preparations free of plasticizer on the basis of alcohol soluble Nitrocellulose production is possible of special polyurethane lacquers with defined characteristics.  Hagedorn can also offer Plasticized Nitrocellulose (colorless chips) for PUR systems,  when using CAB, CAP or PVB Pigment Preparations
  • Expand assortment of products/application fields

Hacolor Storage Advantages:

  • Less storage space due to delivery form - irregularly broken plates
  • Cost intensive storage and inventory of pigments, Nitrocellulose, and plasticizer is considerably reduced
  • An important number of different color tones is space saving and immediately available, for large or small production runs